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DVD: Jeff Buckley: Grace Around the World

The elastic-voiced Jeff Buckley only released one CD in his lifetime – the gale-force triumph “Grace” – but since his death from drowning in 1997, an avalanche of demos and live tracks have seen the light of day. One of the best of the posthumous releases is “Grace Around the World.” [...]

DVD: Spinning into Butter

What? Sarah Jessica Parker was in a movie and you didn't hear about it? Yeah, in this case, if you blinked any time in the month of March, you missed this odd little movie about race relations and a brutal hate crime. [...]

DVD: Dr. Strangelove

It’s one of the strangest movies ever made, and it’s certainly one of Stanley Kubrick’s best. Now, the 45th anniversary edition of “Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” is out on Blu-ray and High-Def with some incredible extras. [...]

DVD: Revolutionary Road

Based on a classic 1961 novel by Richard Yates, this scalding domestic drama begins when Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet lock eyes across a crowded room. [...]

DVD: Designing Women

With the possible exception of “The Golden Girls,” no 1980’s sitcom was as smartly written as “Designing Women,” a veritable festival of sass and mischief. [...]

DVD: Just Another Love Story

Hang on tight for a jolting jigsaw puzzle of a movie that’s as outlandishly entertaining as such warped classics as “Memento” and “Lost Highway.” [...]

DVD: The Friends of Eddie Coyle

Set in dingy Boston bars and anonymous subway stations, Peter Yates' 1973 crime thriller “The Friends of Eddie Coyle” takes a plotless look at a low-level mobster. [...]

DVD: The Thirteenth Floor

“The Thirteenth Floor” has always a bit chilling since it released in 1999, and now in Blu-ray it’s a bit creepier. [...]

DVD: Universal Soldier: The Return

It’s a 10-year anniversary release and in 1999’s “Universal Soldier: The Return,” Jean-Claude Van Damme puts on his suit again as the heroic soldier. [...]

DVD: The Reader

“The Reader,” director Stephen Daldry and scripter David Hare's follow-up to their 2002 award-winning film "The Hours," raises so many interesting questions about guilt and personal responsibility that you can spend hours discussing it afterwards. [...]
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