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Fine Arts: Theater: The Night Is a Child

Beautifully staged and performed, Charles Randolph-Wright’s play “The Night is A Child” is a heart-wrenching examination of loss and coping with grief that is currently being staged at the Pasadena Playhouse. [...]

Fine Arts: The Bridging USA and Japan Concert Is an Ode to Japanese Joy

On July 17, the Bridging USA and Japan Concert, culminating with Beethoven’s magnificent 9th Symphony, was staged at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles to a vociferous standing ovation. The entire audience leaped to their feet at the conclusion of a superb program of classical music, exquisitely and flawlessly performed by the acclaimed Asia America Symphony (, with David Benoit at the conductor’s podium. [...]

Fine Arts: Theater: The Unseen

Craig Wright’s new play, “The Unseen,” is definitely not for the squeamish, nor the weak-hearted. An award-winning playwright (and creator of TV’s “Dirty Sexy Money”) Wright has turned his laser-intense view onto the dark depths of a hellish torture prison. [...]

Fine Arts: “By George!” – A Cal Phil Musical Tribute

Dedicated to making symphonic music both enjoyable and accessible, the California Philharmonic Orchestra has been presenting great music with panache to SoCal music lovers for the past twelve years. The Cal Phil recently kicked off their summer season at the Arboretum, and also at the magnificent Walt Disney Concert Hall, with a concert entitled “By George!” featuring works by three Georges: Handel, Gershwin, and Cohan. [...]

Fine Arts: Cella Gallery Celebrates Its First Birthday

The NoHo Arts District, on and around Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood, California, is a one-square-mile neighborhood with over twenty established theaters, dance studios, recording studios, art galleries, and restaurants. Tucked within this eclectic pocket you’ll find Cella Gallery, a contemporary fine-art gallery owned and managed by partners McKenzie Alexander and Shannon Currie Holmes. [...]

Fine Arts: Theater: The Little Foxes

Like Vaseline on a camera lens, or a veil softening a plain bride’s face, the diaphanous curtains of designer Gary Wissmann’s glamorous and expressionistic set barely conceal the ugly greed that festers in “The Little Foxes,” this Southern tale of squabbling siblings. [...]
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