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CD: The Dead Weather: Horehound

Is Jack White the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business” or what? In addition to producing CDs for artists he admires (Loretta Lynn, Soledad Brothers, Greenhornes) and juggling two full-time bands (White Stripes, the Raconteurs), he recently put together the psycho-blues outfit the Dead Weather, with Kills vocalist Alison Mosshart, Raconteur bassist Jack Lawrence, and Queens of the Stone Age guitarist-organist Dean Fertita. But if the quartet’s debut CD “Horehound” is any indication, White might be spreading himself a little too thin. [...]

CD: James Luther Dickinson: Dinosaurs Run in Circles

Never one to gussy up his music, James Luther Dickinson goes back to his roots with “Dinosaurs Run in Circles,” a bare-bones affair that pays tribute to the jump-blues and novelty songs he grew up loving in the rural South. Easy does it for Dickinson as he ambles his way through numbers made famous by the likes of Louis Jordan, Ray Charles, and Jimmy Dorsey. [...]

CD: Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

After 2006’s hard-rocking “It’s Never Been Like That,” Phoenix, the French quartet, have returned to their synth-pop roots on “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” for a ten-song collection that combines the dreaminess of their early CDs with a newfound sense of ambition. [...]

CD: Tony Bennett & Bill Evans: The Complete Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Recordings

The notoriously introspective piano man Bill Evans had rarely fraternized with singers when he decided to join Tony Bennett for 1975’s “The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album.” The pairing proved so groovy that a year later, the duo recorded a second, similarly stunning set called “Together Again.” Now collected in one package, along with a whopping 22 alternate takes, the remastered Bennett/Evans sessions sound more essential than ever before. [...]

CD: Iggy Pop: Preliminaires

Last spotted with the reconstituted Stooges on the critically panned “The Weirdness,” it was only a matter of time before Iggy Pop, the Godfather of Punk, shed his bandmates and got back to the business of being the idiosyncratic Ig. [...]

CD: New York Dolls: Cause I Sez So

If there’s any doubt the Seventies quintessential bad boys the New York Dolls can still kick out the jams, they begin their new Todd Rundgren-produced comeback CD with the title track, a twin-guitar tirade against Big Brother that’s so sloppy yet tight, the Stones should be green with envy. [...]

CD: The Beach Boys: Summer Love Songs

Summer’s here and the time is right for . . . another Beach Boys compilation? For the third year in a row, Capitol is raiding its vaults for a Wilson brothers song set. Is it over-kill? Probably. But why complain when the end result is a sonic wave of shimmering, summery gems? [...]

CD: Steve Earle: Townes

With the possible exception of Emmylou Harris who covered “Pancho and Lefty” back in the ‘70s – providing the inspiration for the 1983 hit by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard – nobody has done more to nurture the reputation of songwriter’s songwriter Townes Van Zandt than fellow outlaw Steve Earle. [...]

CD: Diana Krall: Quiet Nights

Take the aural equivalent of a moonlight dip in the ocean with Diana Krall’s latest valentine to the blissfulness of the bossa nova called “Quiet Nights.” [...]
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