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Parties: Seths and the Hollywood Supperclub

The Supperclub Los Angeles is one of Hollywood’s hot new trendy venues (perhaps the first “trenue?”). Based on the original Supperclub in Amsterdam, the retrofitted Vogue Movie Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard has been transformed by its new owners into a blank canvas. Bars, couches, beds, floors, walls, and ceiling are pure white. In the words of the designer, “The color we add to it will shape it. This way, it can become anything!” And what a show it has become. At the opening night gala on December 2, the Carnivale/Mardi Gras/Cabaret atmosphere included a zebra, stilt walkers, midgets, sky dancers, performance artists, floor dancers, a pantomime tiger, strobe lights, and house music punctuated by celebrity sightings, hot pants, and cool cocktails. [...]

Events: Teen Choice Awards 2009 – Exclusive Photo Gallery

They gave out 87 surfboards (the night's unwieldy trophy) at the Teen Choice Awards held on Sunday, August 9, at the Universal Studios Hollywood Ampitheatre, and aired on Fox Television on Monday, August 10. That meant that just about anyone who is anyone in the hearts of teenagers right now took home a prize. And of course, everything "Twilight" is front and center right now as anticipation builds toward the November release of "Twilight: New Moon," so it's no surprise that the first film grabbed 11 Teen Choice Awards, including Choice Movie Drama, Drama Actress for Kristen Stewart and Actor for Robert Pattinson. It was a scream fest, as the lucky few teens in the audience, out of the 83 million teens that voted for the awards, let their favorites know loud and clear just how much they love them. [...]

Celebrities: Gary Sinise – A True Renaissance Man Gives Back

When actor Gary Sinise suddenly got an unexpected four-month hiatus recently from his hit CBS Television series “CSI: New York” courtesy of the Writer’s Guild strike from November 2007 to February 2008, it was easy for him to find something else to occupy his time. [...]
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