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DVD: Indecent Proposal

Boy, they don’t make date movies like this anymore. Back in 1987, couples went to go see Michael Douglas have a quickie affair with Glenn Close and watch her turn into a stalker that boiled a pet bunny (and more). Then, a few years later, in 1993, if you were still together, you could go catch a movie by the same director where Demi Moore and her hubby played by Woody Harrelson are offered a million dollars to sleep with her (by Robert Redford no less).

Gosh, didn’t those movies bring up a lot to talk about? “If you cheat on me, how far would you go?” or “If Robert Redford offered us a million would you sleep with him?”

If your relationship survived either of those two movies, you were lucky. (See my review of “Fatal Attraction” in our DVD section.) Director Adrian Lyne talks about this in the Blu-ray version of the re-releases of both of these movies. I think it’s interesting to note historically that both films were produced by Sherry Lansing at the time of a woman at a major position at a studio. (Parts like these rarely come along!)

“Indecent Proposal” has a sense of plodding dread where things just keep getting more tangled and worrisome, but ever so slowly. Based on a novel by Jack Engelhard, the romance challenges the couples’ love for each other as opposed to their love for money. She (Moore) is a real-estate broker. He (Harrelson) is an architect. She has found the perfect place to build the dream house he is designing, but they are hit by a recession and they stand to lose everything. They even try gambling in Las Vegas to get their money, but end up worse. They are approached by a millionaire (Redford), who offers them a million dollars for a night with Moore. The couple agrees that this is their way to get their dreams back on track, but will it destroy their relationship in the process?

Robert Redford makes an "Indecent Proposal" in Adrian Lyne's controversial film.Robert Redford makes an “Indecent Proposal” in Adrian Lyne’s controversial film.

Some of the trivia on the extras of the Blu-Ray DVD include little-known fun facts like the tidbit that Julia Roberts and Val Kilmer were initially cast for the roles of the couple. Others thought of for the parts included Johnny Depp and Halle Berry.

The movie won some awards, including MTV’s Best Kiss between Demi and Woody, and it also won a few Razzies (for Woody mostly), which honors the worst performances of the year.

If you look close, you’ll catch a few continuity glitches. There are boom mikes in a few shots, some camera crew and gear visible in some of the mirrored shots of the casino lobby, and a big glitch when Redford is at the gambling table sliding his chips in front of the #12 position at the table, but then in the next shot is sitting under #11. That’s definitely a no-no in Vegas!

Indecent Proposal
Rated: R
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment
Stars: Robert Redford, Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, Oliver Platt, Seymour Cassel
Director: Adrian Lyne
Release date: 6/09/09
Official site:

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