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Events: Stillhouse Whiskey Brings a Pop-Up Speakeazy to New Orleans

Rapper G-Eazy jumping into the crowd during his surprise set at Gerald's Speakeazy Fueled by Stillhouse in New Orleans on Sunday, July 23, 2017. Photo courtesy Stillhouse Whiskey/Jordan Hefler.

By Victoria Powell

“RED CAN” was the password we whispered to get through the door of a not-so-off-the-grid pop-up speakeasy that appeared during the final weekend of the annual New Orleans’ Tales of the Cocktail festival. We weren’t in the French Quarter, however; no, we headed for the famed downtown Warehouse District instead.

There we found a long line of the city’s movers and shakers awaiting entry into the invitation-only Gerald’s Speakeazy Fueled by Stillhouse at 840 Fulton Street. The party space quickly filled with fresh and funky fun-seekers as the Stooges Brass Band took the stage, and the dance floor stayed full from start to finish. G-Eazy, a partner at Stillhouse, made a surprise appearance, performing tracks from his upcoming new album “The Beautiful & Damned” and a few favorites like “I Mean It” and “Me, Myself & I.” The buzz kept rolling long into the night, as DJ BZRK and Kid Love mixed it up with tunes ranging from Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh to Trick Daddy and Bruno Mars.

G-Eazy behind the bar on Sunday, July 23, 2017, at Gerald’s Speakeazy Fueled by Stillhouse in New Orleans. Photo courtesy Stillhouse Whiskey/Will Nichols​.

But really, this bash was all about the booze. In the age of craft cocktails and distilleries, where excellence is measured as it passes the palate, an innovative new player has come onto the scene cleverly packaged in a shiny red can. Stillhouse Whiskey doesn’t just raise the whiskey bar, it catapults it into the stratosphere. As they let everyone know in NOLA, the brand is 100-percent clear and packaged in a 100-percent stainless-steel can, which is as likable and inventive as the whiskey found inside.

“The Can” might best be described as the love child of the oilcan and the flask. Utilitarian and practical, it won’t break and it’s much quicker to chill than its glass counterpart, and with six fantastic varieties of this cool and clear craft whiskey, there is something special for the most discerning whiskey aficionado.

G-Eazy sipping Stillhouse whiskey backstage on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at Gerald’s Speakeazy Fueled by Stillhouse in New Orleans. Photo courtesy Stillhouse and Will Nichols.

The pop-up party was NOLA’s introduction to this new quaff, with bars pouring a variety of tasty choices, including the Stillhouse Apple Crisp Old Fashion. It was a perfect blend of Stillhouse Apple Crisp Sugar and Angostura Bitters, and it totally knocked me off my feet. If that one didn’t please, there were others to try, like the Blonde Manhattan and the Big Easy Martini. Like everything else being served at the bar, the main ingredient was Stillhouse Whiskey. The Big Easy Martini followed traditional Martini rules using dry vermouth and olive juice, but the main ingredient was Stillhouse Original Clear Corn Whiskey.

Each bar served craft cocktails and shooters using the various flavors of Stillhouse Whiskey. One bar boasted Midnight Express Shots, which included the “Midnight Espresso,” a quick picker-upper concocted with your choice of Stillhouse Original or Mint Chip Whiskey, espresso, cream and simple syrup. Served at the same bar were Boozy Milkshakes, with the “Mint Chip Don’t Trip,” made with Stillhouse Mint Chip Whiskey and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, the perfect dessert to follow the delicious Crab Cake Remoulade on a Biscuit, one of many Southern-inspired finger foods that waiters offered up as they drifted throughout the club.

G-Eazy behind custom blind tiger backdrop on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at Gerald’s Speakeazy Fueled by Stillhouse in New Orleans​. Photo courtesy Stillhouse and Will Nichols.

With so much to taste and experience, there was no leaving the party early, and just in case partygoers needed to freshen up a bit, there was a terrific, little barbershop offering a stylish new hair cut or a hot towel shave tucked neatly behind the curtained lounge area. I took a break from the dance floor to seek out my last drink of the night, a mixture of Stillhouse Coconut Whiskey and Pineapple Juice, which was absolutely refreshing and quite possibly the best beach drink that I’ve ever tasted. They also offered drinks and shots made with Stillhouse Red Hot Whiskey and Stillhouse Peach Tea Whiskey.

As a special pop-up, Gerald’s Speakeazy Fueled by Stillhouse definitely taught locals and visitors alike that this whiskey really is as advertised, “100% PURE and 100% CHILL”!

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