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Celebrities: Megan Fox – Just Getting Started

By Jenny Peters

Megan Fox still cannot quite believe that she’s become a household name. At 23, the exotically beautiful actress – she’s a typical American, a mix of cultures including Irish, French, and Cherokee Native American – has already been working in Hollywood for ten years, but she’s still a bit overwhelmed by the way her roles in “Transformers” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” have catapulted her into worldwide stardom.

“I think both movies, their success, how well they’ve been received has opened a lot of doors for me career wise,” Fox said during the recent ComicCon convention held annually in San Diego, CA. “I’ve been able to be a part of some films that I don’t really feel that I deserved to be a part of; and that is due in great part or solely to the success of ‘Transformers.’”

A leather-clad Megan Fox heats up the screen in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

A leather-clad Megan Fox heats up the screen in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

Well, duh. Those two action flicks have made over a billion U.S. dollars alone, and attracted huge audiences all over the world. It’s a far cry from Fox’s earlier work, in the short-lived TV soap opera “Ocean Avenue,” or her stint on another television series, “Hope and Glory.” Neither of those made her a star, although it was on “Hope and Glory” where she met her on-again-off-again-now-on-again fiancé Brian Austin Green (he of “Beverly Hills 90210” fame); and neither revealed Megan Fox as a great thespian.

Fox gets serious for a moment in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

Fox gets serious for a moment in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

But she’s trying not to worry about the fact that the world perceives her as eye candy rather than the next Meryl Streep. She’s getting there; just give her a little time.

“I’m totally self-aware, so to complain about that would be outrageous,” Fox frankly commented, when asked about being labeled the “world’s sexiest woman.” “I’ve never giving anyone a reason to praise me for my [acting] talents, so to sit and complain about why people don’t recognize me as an actress [is stupid]. It is my responsibility to prove to them that they should; I haven’t done that yet, so I’m not gonna whine about [being known for my looks].”

Megan Fox wows at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Photo by Christina Radish, Agency Photos.

Megan Fox wows at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Photo by Christina Radish, Agency Photos.

Ironically, the actress didn’t choose a serious drama as her film follow-up to “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”; instead, she’ll be seen next in the horror flick “Jennifer’s Body,” playing a possessed, risen-from-the-dead high-school cheerleader who begins wildly killing off her male classmates. As Fox tells it, she took the role mostly to tweak her public persona a bit.

Looking for blood in her new horror flick "Jennifer's Body."

Looking for blood in her new horror flick “Jennifer’s Body.”

“I was just trying to have fun with it and I sort of felt like I was trying to make fun of my own image, sort of, or of how some people might perceive Megan Fox to be. I was just sort of flying freely and I hope that some of it worked,” she explained, then bluntly admitted that finally being the actual star of a movie may just backfire on her.

“There are no robots to distract you from whatever performance that I do give. So if it’s terrible you’re going to fucking know that it’s really terrible.”

Of course, the gal who has a huge tattoo of iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm knows what she’s selling to the world, and right now it isn’t about her acting.

“’Jennifer’s Body’ is so sexy,” Fox laughed seductively. “You better put on your fucking sexy shoes for this one. I mean, there’s a relationship, there’s a sort of a hint to a little bit of a lesbian relationship that happens. There’s a girl-on-girl kiss. Beyond that, before every kill there is a seduction that occurs. These boys have to be seduced into getting close enough to this dead girl for her to devour them. So it does get, I think, pretty sexy.”

Going for sexy and bloody in "Jennifer's Body."

Going for sexy and bloody in “Jennifer’s Body.”

Doing a sex-filled horror flick (which opens September 18, 2009) certainly is part of Megan Fox’s long-term career plan, for she understands that her fan base is made up of a lot of young men (and older ones, too), all of which are able to easily overlook what seems to be her only physical flaw, that now-famous misshapen thumb of hers. And she also understands that her worldwide fame is something that has to be managed, in order to keep the spotlight shining in a positive light.

“When you become famous, you unfortunately can’t be just yourself the way you would hope to be,” Fox mused. “You have to be guarded to some extent, because people are taking advantage of you and the things you said, and exploiting that, twisting it and turning it into something that it wasn’t. You have to be much more guarded that I hoped I would have to be. I’m still learning. It’s a game, you have to learn how to play.”

She’ll play next opposite Oscar-nominee Josh Brolin in “Jonah Hex,” a comic-book-based period piece that had the fanboys at ComicCon frothing at the mouth.

The "Jonah Hex" poster revealed at the 2009 ComicCon.

The “Jonah Hex” poster revealed at the 2009 ComicCon.

“For me to have gotten that is a huge blessing. I’m Jonah’s love interest, a prostitute that he’s been coming and visiting for years and they sort of have a special relationship,” she explained. As Fox tells it, working with Brolin, John Malkovich, and Michael Fassbender of “Hunger” fame stretched her talents further than ever before.

“It was only five days that I filmed and I’ve never been more exhausted at the end of filming something. I mean, I shot a hundred and eight days on ‘Transformers’ and the five days I spent on this one I thought were a lot more difficult. It’s just hard. I’m way out of my league. Everything is so far over my head that I’m just trying to stay alive.”

Megan Fox proving her good looks are no fluke at the Teen Choice Awards, in a photo by Christina Radish, Agency Photos.

Megan Fox proving her good looks are no fluke at the Teen Choice Awards, in a photo by Christina Radish, Agency Photos.

If the actress sounds a bit insecure, that’s because she actually is. For despite her stunning good looks and rocking body, Megan Fox has the typical female doubts about herself.

“If people want to think I’m attractive, it’s incredibly flattering and I appreciate it. It doesn’t get me through the day,” Fox admitted. “I still have my own issues and my self-esteem problems, but there is nothing but appreciation when that happens.”

Fox attempting to emote in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

Fox attempting to emote in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

With the world watching her every move at the moment because of her striking beauty, Megan Fox is obviously feeling that emotional appreciation every single day, especially if she ever tries Googling herself. Hopefully she’ll find a way to add self-esteem to her arsenal of attributes sometime very soon.


“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” photos courtesy Paramount Pictures.

“Jennifer’s Body” photos by Doane Gregory, courtesy 20th Century Fox.

“Jonah Hex” poster courtesy Warner Bros.

All other photos by Christina Radish, Agency Photos.

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