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Parties: Bodacious Babes at the Nivea Bikini Bash in Malibu

A veritable gaggle of gorgeous girls descended on Malibu’s Point Dume on Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend, in order to see and be seen by the pool at the Nivea “Good-bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini Challenge/Summer Bikini Bash” held at a private estate in Barbra Streisand’s neighborhood.

Of course, Babs did not deign to make the scene, but plenty of Hollywood’s hottest ingénues turned out, in costumes that ranged all across the board. Lovely Kim Kardashian led the pack, wearing co-sponsor Shay Todd’s bikinis and cover-ups ( Kim started with Todd’s “Nivea blue” number, showing off her impressive cleavage and paired with a rufflely white thigh-hiding overblouse, then changed into another Todd suit, this one purple with a matching gauzy sarong.

Kim Kardashian and Michelle Trachtenberg at the Nivea Bikini Bash.Kim Kardashian and Michelle Trachtenberg at the Nivea Bikini Bash.

Kim wisely played up her best assets and hid her flaws, but there were plenty of bikini-clad beauties that let it all hang out, and looked just great doing it, with no need for the Nivea “Good-Bye Cellulite” Cream that was packed into everyone’s goodie bags (

Singer Taylor Dayne and kids enjoy the Malibu sun.Singer Taylor Dayne and kids enjoy the Malibu sun.
Emmy Rossum led the pack in looking fit and sleek, along with Leonor Varela, Brittny Gastineau, Samaire Armstrong, and Taryn Manning, who seems to be doing a Lindsay Lohan imitation these days. LiLo herself was supposed to make the scene, by the way, but maybe she got stuck in the massive traffic on Pacific Coast Highway and gave up, for she was a no-show. Singer Taylor Dayne did make the scene, wearing a long, body-hiding sun dress; she also brought her kids, who frolicked in the pool.

And then there were the models, a bevy of bodacious babes all decked out in Shay Todd suits. Tall, beautiful, and not a shred on cellulite in sight, they turned the heads of most of the famous guys in the sun-drenched crowd. Jeremy Piven kept up his Hollywood horndog act, while Zach Braff, Stephen Dorff, Walter Perez, and Rufus Sewell played it a bit cooler. And Lance Bass wasn’t looking at the girls, of course; instead, he held hands with his latest boytoy and gave air kisses to all.

Models show off their Shay Todd bikinis.Models show off their Shay Todd bikinis.

The joke of the day came from Michelle Trachtenberg. You know, that world-famous star? Oh, you say you have no clue who she is? A model wears a Shay Todd bikini design.A model wears a Shay Todd bikini design.She’s the actress who was “Harriet the Spy” as a kid, now at 23 still works in movies and television and is constantly out on the town in L. A., hoping desperately for red-carpet coverage whenever she can get it. But at the Nivea bash, she apparently wanted to be alone, sending her flack out to stop the peons outside the VIP cabanas from taking photos of her. Too funny, since no one taking in the sun and fun actually seemed to care that such a “celebrity” was in the house. Hollywood, gotta love the egos in this town, who want their privacy even when they have purposefully come to Malibu to see and be seen at a seriously promotional afternoon pool party.

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