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Parties: Filthy Fun at Adam Carolla’s ShakesBEER BBQ

Why did Adam Carolla open up his Malibu home for the Inaugural “ShakesBEER Kegger BBQ” on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend?

“Uh, Lynette planned the whole thing,” the slightly thudheaded comedian explained, referring to his wife. She’s the one that wanted to give back and help out the Shakespeare Festival/LA, whose stated goal is to “combine hands-on artistic experience with paid job training, specifically created to provide arts education to at-risk youth.” (Check out what they do at

It’s a good thing none of those youth were in the couple’s multi-tiered backyard for the sold-out party, ‘cause it was a sunny day filled with plenty of Sierra Nevada beer, Cielo wine, and filthy humor (and a bit of maryjane wafting in the air from somewhere, too), as Carolla and his famous funnymen buddies took to the outdoor stage set up on the lower level of his terraced lawn. Can we just say, by the way, that we are clearly in the wrong business, based on where we live and where he does?

Adam Carolla hosts the ShakesBeer BBQ.Adam Carolla hosts the ShakesBeer BBQ.

Anyway, the dirty jokes started early, with Jeffrey Ross’s set, and really ramped up with Bob Saget’s unbelievably raunchy joke-and-song routine. And that just after he insisted that “I’m not doing such filthy stuff any more, in fact I have been working on a show that is pretty clean. Of course, when I did my last HBO special, I guess I said ‘fuck’ over two hundred times,” he laughed. “Don Rickles came up to me after and said, ‘Saget, I think you missed two fucks in there.’”

He didn’t miss any at the party, and sang two hilarious dirty songs, too. His best joke of the day was this one:

“Lots of girls come up to me and say, ‘Oh my god, I grew up with you!” the star of television’s long-running sitcom “Full House” grinned, “and I always say, ‘Great, now that you are grown up, you can go down on me!’”

Bob Saget and Patton Oswalt.Bob Saget and Patton Oswalt.

Comic Jim Norton kept the jokes in the gutter, then Patton Oswalt took them to the potty, doing a funny set about the recent birth of his first daughter. But then the man we had all been waiting for arrived, a bit late, shockingly, since he was reportedly driving his latest acquisition, a Corvette Z06, from his place in Beverly Hills. Jay Leno raced to the stage, a bit of a fashion victim in a navy blue suit jacket and black pants (wear the suit next time, Jay!) and did a more sedate set.

But Leno got down and dirty, too, when he led the live auction, hilariously harassing bidders with his own special brand of abusive auctioneering. It worked, with a tour of his famous garage hangar going for $10,000.

Filthy fun, barrels of beer, and raising cash for kids to experience the arts. What better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon in Malibu?

Jay Leno, auctioneer.Jay Leno, auctioneer.

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