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Parties: Seths and the Hollywood Supperclub

The Supperclub Los Angeles is one of Hollywood’s hot new trendy venues (perhaps the first “trenue?”). Based on the original Supperclub in Amsterdam, the retrofitted Vogue Movie Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard has been transformed by its new owners into a blank canvas. Bars, couches, beds, floors, walls, and ceiling are pure white. In the words of the designer, “The color we add to it will shape it. This way, it can become anything!” And what a show it has become. At the opening night gala on December 2, 2010, the Carnivale/Mardi Gras/Cabaret atmosphere included a zebra, stilt walkers, midgets, sky dancers, performance artists, floor dancers, a pantomime tiger, strobe lights, and house music punctuated by celebrity sightings, hot pants, and cool cocktails.

The first bar has taken over the former concession stand and now serves specialty treats designed to showcase the sponsor of the night. Magnums of Belvedere Vodka and chilled Veuve Cliquot Champagne are the VIP package bottles of choice, but Grey Goose Vodka was on full display at the opening. The rest rooms and control tower are located upstairs on the second floor, the action being controlled from the old projection booth. High in the building’s rafters are the catwalk and the winches for their aerial bottle service and sky dancers. Supper is served at the tables and beds in the main room, which later converts into a massive DJ-fueled dance floor following the dinner service.

On the dance floor at the Supperclub.

On the dance floor at the Supperclub.

The question on Hollywood hipster’s lips is “how do I get in?” Cocktails start at 7pm followed promptly by a four-course dinner at 8pm served by Chef Guus Wickenhagen Wednesdays through Saturdays. Dinner and cocktails costs $75 per person, not including drinks and gratuity. Make reservations by calling 323-466-1900. If you want to book a bed in the main club for the evening packages run from $1,500 to $10,000, so a lot of hard cash or high cred helps. A bed and three bottles will run you and nine of your closest friends $2,500 at their upcoming New Year’s Eve Party, Zero Gravity (

Right now, the Supperclub LA is THE happening PR party space for promoters and sponsors. Everyone is working this smoking-hot club. The soft-opening events leading up to the grand opening included parties for Ladytron and the Buzz Girls, as well as the launch of the club’s Wednesday in-house party known as “Graffiti and Glamour.”

Since the official opening, the Supperclub has been host to even more exclusive bashes like Diddy Dirty Money’s private album-release party, Maxim X’s “Call of Duty presents Maximum Warrior,” and the Family Guy: It’s A Trap! DVD and Blu-Ray release party.

Dr. Drew Pinsky surveys the scene at Hollywood's Supperclub.

Dr. Drew Pinsky surveys the scene at Hollywood’s Supperclub.

The mish mash mosh pit was full of Christmas, “Star Wars,” and “Family Guy” during my second visit to Supperclub LA on December 14 at the DVD release party for Fox’s Family Guy: It’s A Trap! (available Dec. 21). Christmas carolers, Rockettes, polar bears, photos with Brian Griffin as Santa with Mrs. Claus, Adult Chocolate Milk maids, and a chocolate-fountain fondue popped up in corners around the room. Luke, Leia, and “Star Wars” storm troopers flew across the sky and danced with light sabers. Dr. Drew Pinsky was in attendance for the Christmas stew (Stewie?) and said, “I’m a big fan of ‘Family Guy,’ and my kids really love it. I’ve seen the first two ‘Star Wars’ parodies and I can’t wait to see the third!”

Seth Green made an appearance, enjoying his bed-edge perch while posing for pictures with fans. Seth MacFarlane himself held court at a corner bed while fans of “Family Guy,” “The Cleveland Show,” and “American Dad” surrounded him, snapping quick pics and peppering him with questions. In addition to the new Family Guy: It’s A Trap! release, MacFarlane has just cut an album of Rat Pack standards and seemed overwhelmed at the Fellini-esque party.

“This is crazy,” MacFarlane bellowed over the music, “who could believe that my entire career has led to this fantastic party?”

“Can I quote you on that?” I asked.

“I’m being totally sarcastic,” he replied.

“I know. That’s why I want to quote you.”

Mrs. Claus with the author at Supperclub LA.

Mrs. Claus with the author at Supperclub LA.

Bill Maher seemed to agree with McFarlane. He stopped by and took a fast photo with the Coca-Cola polar bear, but then he and his date quickly made plans to catch a late movie. The party crowd danced on, mesmerized by eye candy and drunk on the spectacle, which is exactly what the Supperclub experience is all about.

To watch video coverage of the Family Guy: It’s a Trap! DVD release party go to YouTube.

For further information on upcoming events or to make reservations at Supperclub LA visit their website.


Photos by Jeffrey Edward Peters/Supperclub LA.

[Jeffrey Edward Peters is an actor, director, producer, writer and artist, not necessarily in that order. He is the executive producer and host of Comicology TV. ]


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