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Concert: 7 Walkers at Saint Rocke

There was a strong Grateful Dead vibe at Saint Rocke ( in Hermosa Beach on October 25, 2010. Moonalice ( the first band on stage, is a group with obvious love and respect for the Dead. The second band, 7 Walkers ( has a real Dead connection with founding drummer, Bill Kreutzmann, putting together this new group with Papa Mali, George Porter, Jr., and Matt Hubbard. The Saint Rocke show was filled with jam-loving fans, including members of the Dead cover band Cubensis, who grooved to the music late into the night. [...]

Movies: Extract

So on a list of one to one million of my favorite movies and television shows, “Beavis and Butt-Head” would probably be solidly at the very bottom. And considering that it’s the animated MTV show that made Mike Judge famous, I am always slightly afraid of anything that springs from his fertile mind. He’s the creator of the long-running Fox cartoon “King of the Hill,” too. Eh. But when it comes to live-action films, it seems Judge knows just how to tickle my funnybone. First with “Office Space” and now with “Extract,” his latest film comedy, the guy just cracks me up. [...]